A New Year, A New Vision

visionI am sitting in the San Jose airport waiting for our small puddle jumper to Tambor typing on my phone . (Hastily) so be understanding, this may not have the same quality as my other posts done in the comfort of my home) We are on our way to our 10 year anniversary Yoga Retreat. ( a goal of ours since last year) which made me start to think about he new year that is just around the corner and all the new goals we are setting for ourselves.

As the new year comes upon us, I can’t help but to start making lists, visions boards of things I want to accomplish. The best part of the new year is the idea of a new start, a new beginning to put away all the old ( or in my cast, toss out the old) and start new.

I have already taken Christmas down, cleaned out the junk draws and rearranged the kitchen cabinets, kids’ playroom, went through toys to give- away and their bedroom has been rearranged in the process of purging.

Now it is time to start NEW or fresh!

I had a dear friend over the other night to create a 2018 Vision Board- we took magazine we’d been collecting ( glad I could find another use for them before tossing them in the recycling), bought posters, glue, markers, stickers and opened a bottle of wine.

We planned first, of course, six different areas we wanted to focus on…

– family

– marriage

– health

– fitness

– career

– mind

Then we Stalked the pages of every magazine for words, pictures, quotes that represented our goals/Vision for the year. Did we get snickers from the other room from our husbands ? of course, but they will be happy when our minds are focused on what we consider as our best year…YET.

With this same mentality, I started watching the Danica Patrick documentary/interview the other night. I was hooked. She had a woman cave filled with quotes, vision board, meditation area, and positive affirmations. She might be my Spirit Animal. The one thing that made her vision board different from mine was that it was VERY specific. Instead of general ideas she took those same areas and created specific lists of things, items, tasks she wanted to accomplish.

So, of course, I woke up the next day on a mission to complete mine – still a work in progress and full transparency, but I think you can get the idea.

One of my goals is to create original recipes to post about- I cook all the time without much thought- here is my first attempt ( very unpolished)


If you have the urge to try this recipe- let me know how it went for you, what I should change etc. feedback is greatly appreciated .

Have a wonderful new year filled with goals, setting goals and ( as always) reflecting over some of those failures.

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