5 Easy Prep Breakfast Ideas and Tips

At 6 a.m. every morning, when I am trying to get myself ready, my two young boys up and dressed, and everyone out of the door by 6:40, breakfast is the last thing on my mind. All I really want is a cup of coffee, so it is very important that I pre-make my breakfasts on the weekend if I am wanting to stay on track and not disturbing my colleagues with stomach growls.  I have found 5 recipes and tips that have been game changers for me.

  1. Homemade Granola Best Granola Ever

I use these steps to make granola every weekend, and I use this granola oIMG_5224n almost everything. I eat it like cereal with some almond milk, sprinkle it in my almond milk yogurt for some crunch, sprinkle it on my muffins before baking them or add it to my baked sweet potato.  I have even been caught pouring some out in my hand while making dinner for a quick pick me up!

larabars2. LaraBars  (link to DA My Health.com)

I used to spend a ton of money on individually packaged Larabars – few ingredients and good for you ingredients, but expensive.IMG_5227(I am pretty sure I was just paying for the packaging), but then I discovered this great website that has every recipe imaginable.  I started making these last week, and they were easy and quick- code for Breakfast Must Haves!

A container of 16 Larabars from Amazon can cost 17$. – not really cost affective when I can spend $20 to make twice that amount. Place them in parchment paper or a Ziploc bag and store them in the fridge.

3. Baked Sweet Potatoes sweet pot

Yes, baked sweet potatoes.  Why? They are so versatile. sweet ptIMG_5226I can make this every week and never feel like I am having the same thing every time because there are so many ways to top them. Plus, they have great vitamin and protein benefits.

f9107e3069b14e5841a14667afd785e64. Oatmeal

Steele cut oats have become a favorite breakfast staple. And like everything else on this list, it is because it never gets old.  I can add any flavor booster, nuts of any kind, natural sweeteners and fruit.  With a side of almond milk yogurt, you can’t go wrong. Heather Barnett has a great blog about oatmeal topics that will help.  If you follow this link, you can even print the article for easy use.

5. Bread Loaves and MuffinsIMG_5225

I have always loved banana nut bread, cranberry bread, lemon-blueberry Muffins in the mornings.  As a plant based dieter, I have had to stop grabbing the premade items from the grocery and start making them ahead of time.  Good News!!!! These are easily frozen if you are wanting to make large batches.

A few tips to keep these on the healthy side and high protein.

a. whole wheat flour, coconut flour or almond flour

b. almond milk (highest protein content of the dairy-free alternatives) instead of milk

c. applesauce, almond milk yogurt or pureed pumpkin instead of the oil or butter

d. Himalayan salt (adding 84 minerals including calcium and iron)

e. fresh add-ins – orange zest, fresh cranberries, lemon zest, fresh apples, bananas, spiraled zucchini, nuts

f. Egg replacer (if you are vegan) Bob’s Red Mill makes a great replacer, flex eggs (1TBSP of flex meal mixed with 2 Tbsp of water- mix and sit until you get a scrambled egg consistency) pumpkin puree, applesauce or mashed bananas are also egg replacers in baked goods.

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