Plant Based Snack Time: (Kale Chips, Bruschetta, Hummus, and Salsa Recipes)

Recently, I had the pleasure to join my friends on an adult trip to the lake. The babysitter was scheduled, boat and jet ski rented, and snacks were planned.  It had me thinking about the top plant-based snacks that I try to keep around for a quick pick-me up. Of course, some of those snacks include no preparation …

  1. Fresh fruit- I like to keep grapes washed and stemmed for a quick handful for easy access.  My kids and I eat melons of all kinds; watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew.  Berries line a shelf in my fridge for smoothies, a quick snack or just a side to a quick lunch.
  2. Vegetables- In my fridge you will find prepped cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, snap peas, and broccoli in large mason jars for an easy go-to snack.  I strategically place these at eye height for my two boys to see first (trick of the trade). I also like to keep tomatoes; Roma, cherry, steak, vine-ripe sitting out at all times for snacking with hummus. (one of my favorite things) My husband will grab a tomato and eat it whole just like an apple.
  3. Nuts– We keep raw and roasted nuts of all kinds in our ‘snack drawer’ which both of my boys can easily access. The combination of protein and healthy fat makes this a no brainer. * a handful of Raw cashews are great in a smoothie in the morning. 

and some snacks that take 10 minutes or less to prepare…

  1. Homemade salsa– The other day, I noticed my garden was getting a little img_0722overgrown with cilantro and jalapeños (a ‘terrible problem to have, right) even with the 21 days of 3 digit temperatures.  This is one of my favorites to make at home because it is quick, I have the ingredients on hand for most of the year, and my husband and I can add salsa to just about anything.

fullsizeoutput_58bHummus- Hummus can be found at any grocery store in almost any flavor; chocolate (great with pretzels), red pepper (my favorite) and beet (haven’t ventured out that far).  But, this is also one of those snacks that can be prepared on the fly- if you are plant-based, I guarantee you have all the ingredients.homemade_salsa-2

Bruschetta– This is made very Quickly and another bonus- basil is so easily grown and img_0723once it is in your garden or pots it takes hardly any effort at all to keep alive. – The basil in my garden has almost taken over an entire plot- can’t complain because the smell when I water it is pretty amazing. I like to add bruschetta to toasted French bread, baked sweet potato, pasta for dinner, an avocado for a quick snack or mix with chickpeas for a salad. A very versatile condiment and stores easily in the fridge for over a week in an airtight container- I like using a mason jar.


Kale CHIPS– I love everything about kale.  I love how it regenerates in my garden, how easy it is to grow, the earthiness it adds to smoothies, and the way it makes me feel when I add a few chips into my day.  I have never found a bag of kale chips from the store that I have liked, but I have discovered how easy it is to make them at home. Plus, the flavor options are endless; salt and vinegar, parmesan and garlic, red pepper (my favorite) coconut oil, and hippie dusted (nutritional yeast and garlic powder mix).


Homemade almond butter– The BEST part of this snack is that it only requires 1 ingredient – roasted or unroasted almonds.  Add 2-3 cups of almonds to your food processor and process for at least 5 minutes, scrape the edges process for 3 more minutes, scrape the edges and process for 3 more minutes. DONE!!!!! Add to baked sweet potatoes, Artisan bread, pretzels, bananas or JUST grab a spoon.  The fat and protein combination makes this a perfect snack- plus, the kids LOVE it.

So, if you are anything like me or my family- you LOVE to snack.  I hope that you find some of these recipes and snack ideas helpful.


On the beautiful boat, Sueno.

On our boat trip yesterday I was able to bring the salsa, hummus, and bruschetta.  I can tell you the bruschetta was a hit.  The funniest thing about the entire trip was when I realized how ‘adult’ I was when I thought of making jello shots, but I chose to make homemade plant-based snacks instead.  You know you are an adult when…



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