Setting My Intentions

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On New Year’s Eve I look ahead but also reflect on what 2018 gave to me.

Before I can set my intentions for the 2019 year, I need to look back at what 2018 was.  After scrolling my picture feed, observing my Facebook photos, and making my list (18 for 2018) I was surprised at what I had already forgotten.  We have a tendency to look forward, set new goals, and shoot for the best year… YET all the while ignoring the previous year’s accomplishments, losses, and adventures.  Please indulge me as I take a brief moment to reflect before setting my new intentions.

Unfortunately, 2018 Brought us loss…

We lost our first pet- Phinnaeus Charles Steinbrink – a lovable golden retriever that my husband and I got together before we were married.  He was with us to watch us move into our first home, helped us manage two young boys, and brought me solace when I lost my father.  Losing Phinn was a very difficult time for us.

We celebrated the life of our Poppa Charlie- my mother’s father.  He was a tough man of 92, diagnosed with lung cancer 2 different times in his life, but he managed to not just Survive but LIVE.

We traveled…

Luke and I celebrated our 10 year Wedding Anniversary in Costa Rica at a Yoga retreat.  This was everything I hoped it would be and MORE.

We traveled to the Lake over the summer with friends, to the ocean in Portland with family, and to the pool in Kansas to celebrate 4th of July.  Each trip gave us time to relax, recover and recoup.

2018 gave us so much to be thankful for…

My boys have grown up! It happened in a blink of an eye.  Both boys are in school (kinder and 2nd) learning like crazy.  Unfortunately, that does come with some lessons of how to use what they are learning appropriately with Mom and Dad.  They are as different as salt and pepper, what they love to do, what makes them excited are so very different.  I am learning to navigate their differences and learning more about Legos, books, football, and the army every single day. Being a boy mom is one of my favorite parts of 2018.

I also achieved a milestone this year – 1 year as a ‘vegan’ – Again I use quotations because I still follow the 80/20 rule most of the time with plant-based flexitarian as the true definition of my diet, but that is a mouthful and I already get strange looks and comments when I say ‘I am a vegan’ so I can’t imagine what people would say if I said, ‘I am a plant-based flexitarian’  Come on! =Right?

I have a lot to be thankful for- my family is happy, healthy, and safe.  2018 was a great year!

2019 will be even better-  This year I am not creating a resolution or setting goals, I am planning a year of transformation through Monthly intentions; an aim, a plan.  I hope to gain something from each month that will improve my mindfulness, health, and forethought.  I have chosen each intention specifically for my needs, and I have arranged them to keep me driven throughout the 2019 year. (I won’t go into great detail with each one right now, but I will give you my reasons in this blog)

January – WATER!!!! 

IMG_2428.PNGThis should be something I do naturally, but it is not.  I know you have heard this, but if you were to change anything in your diet – WATER is the one thing that should be added- for better health, digestion, weight loss, healthy skin and heart, reduces cancer risk and boosts energy and gut health.  For those reasons ALONE, this is my number 1 intention for the year, so I thought I would start the year off with this simple change to help affect the rest of my year. The key to the correct water intake is take your body weight, divide it in half, and that is the amount of water in ounces you should drink daily.  My intention for this month is to wake up and drink at least 8 oz BEFORE coffee and consume at least 60 ounces throughout the day.

February – No Alcohol- 

I’ll admit, this one will not be easy- AT ALL!  I love a glass of red wine or 2 almost daily.  But with water being my #1 intention, I thought I should try a month without the dehydrator to see how my health can improve.  This will take a lot of mindfulness but since February is the shortest month- I thought it could be doable 🙂 I have also recruited my best friend in making this her intention for February as well.

March – Yoga Challenge

In February, I am running the half marathon and I can only imagine how all that running will tighten up my muscles. Also, March is a very difficult time of the school year for teachers, and I am sure I will need a form of stress relief.

April- Triathlon Training

I have signed up for an Olympic Triathlon for the month of May- of course I will be training in the previous months as well, but my intention this month will be on the training process.

May – carbon footprint focused

I would like to work on my carbon footprint during this month. Focus on what I throw away, making eco friendly decisions and getting rid of the plastic!

June- Book Challenge

As the school year gets wrapped up, I always look forward to my time with books in the summer.  This month I want to focus my time on reading as much as I possibly can.  I have a few trips planned for the month of June, so this will be a great time to dive into professional books, fictional mysteries etc…


July- Weight ( lifting) Challenge

(Update) self careSelf Care; 4 Tips to an Effortless Morning Routine

August- Sugar Detox

I don’t consume a lot of extra sugar, but I do know that sugar is cancer’s best friend.  I have always had the intention of letting my children know the harms of sugar, how it affects our attitude and health.  For this month, I want to be as intentional as possible while the new school year begins.

September – Tidying up challenge

with the new school year starting, I believe this is a great time to weed out clothes, organize kitchen, kid rooms, and make sure I still only have 1 junk drawer! I plan on Marie Kondo being very proud throughout my process.

October – Family Focused
This is one of my favorite months of the year.  After the start of school, We tend to get a little bogged down, a little too in-sync with our schedules and ‘family time’ drifts.  I want to be intentional this month (as I do every month) but this month I want to be as intentional as possible about family dinners, time together, LISTENING.

November – smoothie Challenge

The month of FOOD! Do I need to say more? With a new smoothie recipe every day (that I will post in my weekly blog) I hope to dodge the bloat, the weight gain and the stress of this month.

December – Meditation 

December gets a little crazy with events, travel, buying, food. I wanted to set an intention that would help me navigate through the stress of this month and help me reflect with forethought for the new year.

Each month has a focus, each month has a reason and I hope that each month will lead toward new perspectives, better health, and the best year… YET! Continue to read, and I hope you will follow me or even JOIN me on this journey of set intentions in 2019!.

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