The Alcohol Experiment, Week 1;Self-Discovery and Tips

A body in balance craves what will keep it in balance

My February intention is ‘sobriety’, and to be completely transparent, I thought this was going to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. I enjoy a nice glass of dark red wine with a bowl of popcorn- Thanks, Scandal. I look forward to the way it makes me relax, chills my anxiety and dulls my senses. I recently read an article that stated teachers make 1,500 decisions ever single day on average (That is 4 decisions every minute).  No wonder, I look forward to something that can counteract the multi-tasking I do all day.

I am currently reading The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace #alcoholexperiment – a book about how to change the habit of drinking through advice, science-backed information, and anecdotal messages.  Each day is a nice reminder of the intention.


There were signs that made me think that it was time to bring this to the forefront and make it a mindful intention.

  1. My serving size increased- Large wine glasses are the best gifts

  2. Can’t stop at just one- I used to be great with 1 glass

  3. Occasions revolved around drinking – it stopped being about connecting, getting to know people, and catching up

  4. my spell with Vertigo- I’m not exactly sure if these are completely connected, but my body was trying to tell me something

  5. I was using a glass or 2 of wine to deal with negative emotions- instead of using it to celebrate, I was using it to forget a tough day or combat boredom

  6. I wasn’t sleeping well- the dehydration and sugar crash at 2 am kept me up on occasions.

I am one week in, and I have already discovered so much about myself. 

Mondays are HARD!!!!   It takes a lot of willpower.
I have so many more tools in my tool-belt that help me relax than I thought.
I rely on the experience of alcohol to help me step outside of my introvert self way too much.
Sleep is so sweet.
My boys get me; movies, popcorn and snuggles. (great way to relax)

Here are a few TIPS if you are on this journey with me:

Willpower– if you don’t believe you have enough willpower left in your tank to say NO, then don’t even put yourself in that situation.  Graciously bow-out.

Know your WHY – When Monday at 4 hit, I had to remind myself WHY I was doing this.  I even took it a step forward and wrote down my Why and What 1 drink of alcohol does to me. (next blog post)

Find other ways to RELAX– I run, take baths, stretch, go through a yoga flow, hangout with my kids (puzzles, Jenga, spelling) or turn on a Podcast and cook/clean- I have found that I have already been more productive.


Boys and I went out for vegan ice cream one evening

Bring other drinking options- I am talking about all of the great sparkling water choices out there or – my bosses’ favorite- Hint water. place it in a wine glass and enjoy!

Relying on people is really hard for me, but I have already connected and shared with a few of my friends in the last week unlike I ever have. Let yourself be vulnerable (I am trying- this may take a while).

Buddy System– Thankfully I have a great friend who is on this 30 Day Experiment with me. Knowing she is probably going through everything with me, helps me.

Prepare your sleeping space – Burn a candle or incense, make your bed before getting in it, get into a great book, listen to calming music and spray some lavender on your sheets before you fall asleep.  After a week of not drinking, all of the alcohol is out of your system and your body will learn how to relax naturally and stay asleep throughout the night.

I can’t promise after this 30 Day experiment that I won’t have another drink, but I can tell you this restart has already helped me realize how much that glass of wine controlled my afternoons.

If you are following or experimenting with me, please leave a comment and share this post. Thank you




2 thoughts on “The Alcohol Experiment, Week 1;Self-Discovery and Tips

  1. I’m craving a glass of wine right now. Luckily it’s all out of the house. Thanks for taking me on this journey with you. It’s been hard and it’s only day 5. Neighborhood social, Super Bowl, and a birthday party are all under my belt sober. We can do this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello!
    My name is Zareen and I’m doing something similar though not with wine- it’s more like a No coffee challenge for 30 days.
    I just wanted to wish you good luck for your journey and I really really hope that you won’t need to drink alcohol at all after the challenge.
    Whenever I feel like drinking coffee, I watch or read about why it is bad for you and then I don’t crave it so much.
    Anyway, good luck again and hope to see more posts from you!


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