3 Ways Hygge can Calm Anxiety

first attempt at macramé

As Saturday and Sunday roll around, my anxiety starts to bubble up even more than normal. I think the idea of having 48 hours without ‘official’ work makes me nervous. Trust me, I have plenty to do at home; laundry, meal-prep for the week, picking up the house over and over AGAIN, feeding the family multiple times, grocery shopping for the week, soccer or flag football, and hopefully there is even some time for me to workout. Even with all of that, I get anxious- and if I am away from home, running errands, for too long it gets even worse. So, this weekend, to embrace my HYGGE, I crafted. Two birds, One stone – work on something that would bring both coziness and calm- macramé.

I have, recently, read a lot about macramé.

  • first started in China in the 3rd century
  • 13th century in Northern Africa, created to cover horses and camels to keep flies off their backs
  • brought to the world by sailors who made it even more intricate with their knotting techniques
  • Most popular in America in the 1970’s, every GROOVY house had these hanging art pieces
  • Millennials have Intagrammed them back into trend
  • known for their calming benefits- redundant cutting, intricate knots, and repetition – Meditation for the mind and hands

My sister-in-law just started selling some on her Etsy page. I wanted to see if I was up to the challenge.

2nd piece

I haven’t mastered the square knots, but I am working towards it.

When people think of Hygge they might think of the Winter. Unfortunately, here in Texas, there is not a lot of Winter to be had. So, I experimented with some Hygge ideas for our Spring weather. The idea of Hygge is about staying aware, in the moment, feeling calm and comfortable. This was exactly what I needed this weekend.


Other than plants in my home to keep the air clean, I also make sure to have plants on my patio and over Spring Break, I planted my garden. There is something calming and Hygge about being in the dirt, creating something that will be editable for my family later on. During this time in my garden; pulling weeds, watering, harvesting (kale was added to my sweet potato curry), adding ladybugs etc… I am able to listen to a podcast (currently listening to American Scandal or Brook Castillo). , catch some rays, and hangout with my boys who love helping me in the garden.

  • My garden is usually filled with all kinds of cruciferous plants; kale, romaine, arugula, lettuce varieties, broccoli.
  • Zucchini and squash
  • tomatoes
  • beans, edamame
  • herbs; rosemary, lavender, dill, cilantro, thyme


Knowing how important lighting is to hygge, I played with the lighting this weekend as well. I am also very aware that I am more cheery and energetic on bright, sunny days and on days when it is overcast and dark I am not as eager.

I have a great patio in the back of my house that I have hung patio lights on, and, conveniently, a great rain storm came through (hygge). So, I stopped my chores, held off on running my errands to sit outside with a blanket, a book and enjoyed the storm under the ambiance of the lights.

I also worked on my side table in my hygge seating area. I found this great whiskey barrel top and bought some tall iron legs to create this perfect side-table. I kept this lamp lit throughout the day while everything else was dimmed. Calm lighting does wonders to the atmosphere of your home and your mood.

I love natural lighting in my home, so I have these very thin, linen panels that hang in front of my windows that give just enough privacy but allows the light to shine through.

This week, focus on the hygge – try to be present and mindful.

#hygge @omnivore2herbivore When you discover your HYGGE.

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