7 Day Hygge Challenge #hyggechallenge

As the month of April comes to an end, I want to challenge each of you to fully embrace the comfort of the hygge that you have created in your home.

In my home, we have added, lighting, natural plants, my hygge space, a sense of harmony and gratitude. I am trying to be in the present more every day and, by doing so, has brought me even closer to my family. I wanted to include them in this last week of hygge intention.

Let the count down begin…

#hyggechallenge throughout the week of pictures of you and your family as you embrace the intention and the challenge.

7 Days of Hygge – Candlelight and Gratitude- Every night this week, I will cook dinner, turn on music, and eat by candlelight. Throughout dinner, each family member will be able to share what they are grateful for. (I remember doing this as a child, and it made dinner time even more special)

6 Days of Hygge- Tea time- As our evenings come to an end, I will drink a hot cup of lavender/chamomile tea (my 7 year old is really starting to enjoy this with me).

5 Days of Hygge- Reading cozied up in blankets- I enjoy my time with my book, but I usually wait until my children are asleep. I believe they should see their mother as a reader, so they will grow up to become readers as well. The boys and I will snuggle up on the couch this evening and read through our books.

4 Days of Hygge- Pleasure- The boys really enjoy helping me in the kitchen. Maybe while I am cooking dinner, they can help make our dessert. After dinner, and with our tea, we will enjoy the pleasures of a sweet treat.

3 Days of Hygge- Gathering- We have organized a nice neighborhood Creamed Can dinner party for this evening; music, games, twinkle lights, and friends.

2 Days of Hygge- Taking it Outside- With the boys on their bikes, we will head outdoors to the local farmers market and park for fresh air.

Last Day of Hygge intention- Unplug- This will be an evening without phones, without the television, and without ipads. I want to focus on my family, on my gratitude and the present moment.

3 Ways Hygge can Calm Anxiety

first attempt at macramé

As Saturday and Sunday roll around, my anxiety starts to bubble up even more than normal. I think the idea of having 48 hours without ‘official’ work makes me nervous. Trust me, I have plenty to do at home; laundry, meal-prep for the week, picking up the house over and over AGAIN, feeding the family multiple times, grocery shopping for the week, soccer or flag football, and hopefully there is even some time for me to workout. Even with all of that, I get anxious- and if I am away from home, running errands, for too long it gets even worse. So, this weekend, to embrace my HYGGE, I crafted. Two birds, One stone – work on something that would bring both coziness and calm- macramé.

I have, recently, read a lot about macramé.

  • first started in China in the 3rd century
  • 13th century in Northern Africa, created to cover horses and camels to keep flies off their backs
  • brought to the world by sailors who made it even more intricate with their knotting techniques
  • Most popular in America in the 1970’s, every GROOVY house had these hanging art pieces
  • Millennials have Intagrammed them back into trend
  • known for their calming benefits- redundant cutting, intricate knots, and repetition – Meditation for the mind and hands

My sister-in-law just started selling some on her Etsy page. I wanted to see if I was up to the challenge.

2nd piece

I haven’t mastered the square knots, but I am working towards it.

When people think of Hygge they might think of the Winter. Unfortunately, here in Texas, there is not a lot of Winter to be had. So, I experimented with some Hygge ideas for our Spring weather. The idea of Hygge is about staying aware, in the moment, feeling calm and comfortable. This was exactly what I needed this weekend.


Other than plants in my home to keep the air clean, I also make sure to have plants on my patio and over Spring Break, I planted my garden. There is something calming and Hygge about being in the dirt, creating something that will be editable for my family later on. During this time in my garden; pulling weeds, watering, harvesting (kale was added to my sweet potato curry), adding ladybugs etc… I am able to listen to a podcast (currently listening to American Scandal or Brook Castillo). , catch some rays, and hangout with my boys who love helping me in the garden.

  • My garden is usually filled with all kinds of cruciferous plants; kale, romaine, arugula, lettuce varieties, broccoli.
  • Zucchini and squash
  • tomatoes
  • beans, edamame
  • herbs; rosemary, lavender, dill, cilantro, thyme


Knowing how important lighting is to hygge, I played with the lighting this weekend as well. I am also very aware that I am more cheery and energetic on bright, sunny days and on days when it is overcast and dark I am not as eager.

I have a great patio in the back of my house that I have hung patio lights on, and, conveniently, a great rain storm came through (hygge). So, I stopped my chores, held off on running my errands to sit outside with a blanket, a book and enjoyed the storm under the ambiance of the lights.

I also worked on my side table in my hygge seating area. I found this great whiskey barrel top and bought some tall iron legs to create this perfect side-table. I kept this lamp lit throughout the day while everything else was dimmed. Calm lighting does wonders to the atmosphere of your home and your mood.

I love natural lighting in my home, so I have these very thin, linen panels that hang in front of my windows that give just enough privacy but allows the light to shine through.

This week, focus on the hygge – try to be present and mindful.

#hygge @omnivore2herbivore When you discover your HYGGE.

Key to Happiness: Hygge Manifesto

“Danes are the happiest people in Europe according to the European Social Survey” (The Little Book of Hygge). Denmark is also known as one of the happiest countries in the world.  Why?  Hygge (pronounced   hoo-ga)

This month, I am on the journey of hyggestund – A moment of hygge- ‘well-being’ and happiness.  I plan on incorporating the 10 ideas of hygge in my life this month as I pursue a month of gratitude and savoring the simple pleasures in life.  In short, I plan on finding the happy. First, I must get my environment and mindset ready for a month of COZY!

1. Atmosphere

turn down the lights

use natural lighting (fireplace, windows, let the natural light in)

Use dim lighting (candles, lamps)

2. Presence

meditation of mindfulness

turning off my phone alarms

3. Be kind to yourself- give yourself a treat and give yourself a break


Sun Salutation A

4. ‘We’ over ‘me’

Sharing tasks – cooking, laundry, cleaning

5. Gratitude 

show it to your tribe, co-workers, challengers, and self

say ‘Thank you’



6. Harmony 

finding balance in your physical and mental health

find your Sparkle

Do everything with Passion

7. comfort

cozy blanket

warm bath


yoga pants

8. truce

End the fighting within yourself

leave the negative, the drama, and the hostility

9. Togetherness

Focus on your village, your tribe

Find time to build relationships, connect, and be together


 reading nook

10. Nook- hyggekrog 

comfy space

So, my plan is to spend time outdoors gardening, hanging-out with my village, evenings with my family, Sundays working together on chores, and reading in my nook. I plan to Continue my yoga practice.

I am also going to start a macramé wall art project and prepare for an evening with my friends- outdoor fire, BBQ, TREATS, and being together.

All of this in the hopes to bring together all of my favorite things into 1 month of gratitude, well being, and HYGGE!

I hope you follow me on my journey this month. Please send me pictures of your HYGGE on Instagram. 

@omnivore2herbivore #hyggelife

Life: A Balancing Act?


Balance is something that I struggle with EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I feel as if it is more of a trade off than a balancing act.  There are times I realize that I have been placing too much attention on my career and my marriage suffers.  Then, there are times that I am focused too much on myself, and my sons suffer.  I have come to the realization that Life is NOT a balancing act, but more of a give and take- even feeling like a tug-o-war sometimes.

I do have it all.

I have a wonderful marriage (a true partnership).
In my eyes, a successful career- one that keeps moving in the right direction.
Two great sons that remind me of what fun and true love really is every day.
Friends that celebrate, cheer and comfort me.

“Women can have it all- a successful career, happy marriage, and motherhood. It’sIMG_0024 not one or another. It’s about being able to fit it all in with stride. A strong woman can have all this because we were built for it.” – Strong by Kailin Gow

Being in the moment, present enough to celebrate the highlights is what I struggle with. I focus a lot of my attention on the future, my failures, and my NOW what- always have.

I have become a ‘To do List’ master.  My accomplishments come down to crossing off the task on the post-it note or scrap of paper.  Too many vision boards, too many bucket lists, too many things I would like to accomplish.

“To a chronic multitasker, everything is a task. Soon, the things in life that are really important to them are in the same list as everything else.” – Stephen R. Covey

This month my intention is on my yoga practice.  I have successfully taken time every single day this month (so far) to roll out my mat, taken time for me to be present and mindful in the moment.  At first, it was an item on my list- it has successfully become apart of my day, a routine, a habit.  I have realized my time on the mat is my practice of mindfulness, a time to slow down and appreciate ALL of the Moments of the day.

IMG_0020“We don’t need to strive towards balance, we rather need to work on the obstacles that are preventing the natural flow of balance.”- A.A. Alebraheem, When Life Makes Sense

I want to be a loving mother that prepares my sons for their lives.
I want to be a supportive, caring wife that is forgiving, understanding, and giving. 
I want to be a friend that motivates you, celebrates you, and cheers for you.
I want to be successful in my career; someone who is known for the impact that I am leaving. 

All of the obstacles that prevent me from believing that I am not any of those things messes with my equilibrium.  But, it is the time that I spend in reflection, the time I spend on the mat that helps me analyze all of my failures and successes equally.  I am given just enough time to realize what is important at the moment, push aside everything else that doesn’t matter and focus in on my priorities. Yoga gives me a peace of mind.

“We cannot find balance because it’s a continual action with ongoing adjustments, just like the tightrope walker who constantly moves.” – Tina Hallis, Sharpen Your Positive Edge

Life is not a balancing act.  Life is about being in the moment.

I am grateful that yoga has given me the willpower and fortitude to prioritize my values.  I am a work in progress and yoga is very forgiving.

Just like life, if you fall out of a pose, get right back in it. 

It is a practice based on self-awareness, self-love, and mindfulness.



Yoga for Better Sleep

A daily mindful yoga practice has many benefits. Some of these include improved flexibility, stress levels, strength, weight loss, and boost your immune system. One of the benefits I have already noticed in just 12 days of my daily yoga practice is better sleep.

I am sleeping harder,

I am falling asleep quicker,

and staying in Deep REM (at least according to my Fitbit).

I know I shouldn’t brag because I live with an insomniac, (here is a link for 10 more habits that can help with your insomnia) and when I talk about my sleep quality he just gets angry.  I don’t blame him because sleep is crucial, and it can, seriously, make or break your world.

Side Note: Deep REM (also known as NREM) heals wounds, aids in the creation of white blood cells, restores muscles, and releases growth hormones.  Most importantly, it reduces your blood pressure, decreases stress levels, helps maintain good weight and helps with your immune system.  Needless to say, sleeping, falling asleep and quality sleep is vital for a quality life.

If you are someone who struggles with winding down or distressing after a difficult day… Yoga is the answer. Not any kind of yoga, Mindful yoga that focuses on the breath with long holds in each pose- Yin Yoga, Restorative and Nidra Yoga (more of a meditative practice) is best for sleep. Here are 7 Bedtime Yoga Routines to view if you are interested in more verbal ques.


CaptureBefore I go to bed, I roll out my mat, light up my incense, lower the lights and turn on soft music or my aaptive app.  Each pose is held about 20 seconds or 3 breaths (inhale to the count of six, exhale to the count of six) focusing on my stomach lifting and lowering. The practice is relies on the mindfulness of the breath and being in the moment.


Complete the Sun Salutation Flow from last weeks post


After a warm cup of herbal tea, I have no problems falling asleep.

I hope that this is helping you on your journey of a more quality life- #intentions. If you are on Instgram, post your yoga pose or practice with the  #intentions and @omnivore2herbivore. I would love to see you.



EZ, 2 Ingredient Vegan Yogurt

For the last year and a half it has been difficult to find a vegan yogurt that has the consistency, taste and protein comparable to that of regular yogurt. Before my plant-based diet change, I ate yogurt every single morning. Needless to say, I have missed it. So, when I discovered this 2 ingredient Vegan recipe for yogurt, I was more than excited to try it. IMG_3085.JPG

What you will need…

instant pot

mason jars

Ripple (pea protein milk)

Silk Almond milk yogurt container 

between 8-13 hours

I know 8-13 hours seems like a long time, but trust me when I say it is completely worth the wait. 

Step 1: measure 4 cups of the Ripple pea protein milk

(this milk contains 8 g of protein/serving, which beats any other plant protein milk out there)

Step 2: Pour the milk and the container of yogurt into a large pot

(we are heating up the milk and yogurt SLIGHTLY. just enough to warm up the milk)

Step 3: Whisk the milk and yogurt together until slightly warm

Step 4: pour the contents into clean mason jars

( I used 7 half pint mason jars, filling 3/4 of way)

Step 5: place the filled mason jars into your instant pot and push the ‘yogurt’ buttonIMG_3086

I have one of the smaller IPs, so it only cooked for 8 hours.  Then, once they were done, I twisted on their lids and placed them into the fridge while we slept.

They turned out fantastic! My husband used one in his smoothie this morning, and I added homemade granola and berries to mine.  It is good to have yogurt again.